Rock Guitarist Kim Humphreys from Sydney, Australia
proudly wearing his Merseycats  20th Anniversary T shirt.
  Merseycats Official T shirts
   Black with White logo and writing
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  Merseycats 20th Anniversary T shirts
  Black with Yellow logo and writing
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 Merseycats members flying the flag @ Llandudno.
Thanks to Austin Hill for Photo.
   Austin         Eileen      Val     Derek
   Looking good in her Merseycats T shirt
   following her recent visit to Merseycats,
   Jannine from Kelowna BC. Canada.
   Merseycats Secretary Ronnie Hodge checking 
   out new Cats venue in Orlando, Florida.
  Geoff Porter from Boston,USA.
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   Merseycats Member Andrew Wilson in U.S.A.
   Betty Edwards grand daughter Gwen
   wearing her Merseycats T shirt in Hong Kong